Philosophy of Fulyu

“Fulyu” according to the dictionary means; (1) Ethos left by the previous generations or the good styles descended from ancestors, (2)being refined and sophisticated, elegant, not worldly, (3) decorating beautifully, designing nicely.

Although Japanese people tend to use this word mostly to apress the second meaning these days, we would like to pursue the value buried in the primary meaning. That is, we revitalize the precious styles descended by the previous generations into our contemporary lives.

The essentials of “style” exist not only on appearance but more importantly in the principles, sprits, way of thinking and sense of values which eventually have created the style itself. This fact tells us that we may lose the most important essence of the “style” we should take over if we stick too much to making the same things with the conventional methods, designs and materials by simply following or imitating what the previous generations have taught us.

We, Japanese, are supposed to be the challenging creators with free-style mind in nature. Such a particular disposition must have been engraved into our DNA. We have always loved something new and foreign, but we never meant to make light of our own styles drowning in the melting pot of the global trends. Remembering and awakening such spirits of the true Japanese, we will pursue to introduce more fascinating and unconventional Japanese styles to the people of the world so that we can proudly pass them on to our next generations.